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Why Go Green?

Environmentalist have always emphasized the importance of going green, making sure that everything you do is ensured that no harm is done to the environment in the process. ‘Why?’ many may ask even though the environmentalists have held many campaigns to answer that. Some who knows do not ask but simply remain ignorant or worse still, convince themselves that the situation cannot be helped or it is beyond our control.

My understanding of the environmental issues is fairly simple and simple enough to say that it is comprehensible even to the ‘intellectually challenged’ individuals. It is merely a method of ensuring survival that we go green. The earth has been around for more than millions and billions of years and it will remain for longer than we will ever know. The earth is not going anywhere. WE ARE. Greenhouse gas emissions, carcinogens plus all types of air polluting substances we can think of, is bringing us closer to extinction. Not the earth. How does that happen? Read on.

There are many types of greenhouse gases. The one that plays the largest part is carbon dioxide – CO2. We take in air, use the oxygen then exhale carbon dioxide. However, human exhalation is not the primary source of carbon dioxide. The burning of fossil fuels is – coal and gasoline mainly.

· Remember the governmental efforts to discourage high emission vehicles and encourage public transport, high occupancy vehicles, etc.? Less gasoline means less pollution, in case you haven’t already knew.

· Rainforest burning is also one of the greatest contributors of CO2, and since trees take in CO2, less trees leads to more CO2, PROGRESSIVELY!

· Planktons are organisms found in the sea. They soak up CO2 naturally and do so more efficiently in colder waters. The over increasing of CO2 increases the temperature, affecting the planktons to soak up less CO2 and thus increases the earth’s aggregate temperature; another progressive rising CO2 case.

Methane is another greenhouse gas – the greatest contributor will be the household garbage that rots.

· How many garbage do you produce each day? 4 – 5 maybe? No, definitely more. Calculate the amount of paper, metal, glass and food scraps that you produce each day. Well, multiply that by the number of total population on earth – 6 billion, that’s nine zeroes – to get the total garbage produced by mankind per day. And then multiply them by 365 days to see the amount of garbage we produce each year (This does not YET include the bigger garbage produced by commercial bodies and factories). Most garbage comes from the packaging of things.

The danger is that these greenhouse gases deny the heat on earth to transfer out of our atmosphere, thus increasing the aggregate temperature, melting the icebergs on the North and South Pole. This causes the sea level to rise and thus cities and areas that are near the sea level will be flooded. Crops and other agricultural products may be affected as the climate changes, certain plantations or crops would not grow, decreasing the supply of good. During these times, consumers can certainly expect supply-demand mechanism induced inflation.

These simple illustrations and explanations are definitely sufficient for you to draw a conclusion that we have to act upon the importance of going green and act now, not soon, NOW.