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Ideas to Encourage Your Children to Go Green

Written on June 16, 2011 – 10:04 pm | by Rick

One of the most important aspects of greening your kids’ genes is to allow them to venture out into the world and to see how their green ideas and goals can immediately affect their environment. Although they may have already discussed greener choices and become involved in the family green forum, allowing them to branch out on their own to actually put their green theories into practice is not only necessary in order for them to perpetuate real change, but it is also important to allow them to feel pride and responsibility, and to see firsthand what their own hands can do to create positive change for this world.

Here are a few ideas to get them started:

- Take action. One of the easiest and greenest ways to make a difference in your neighborhood is to simply pick up the litter. Grab a trash bag and some rubber gloves and help your children set a powerful example of responsibility for neighborhood friends. If you want to go that extra green mile, the Keep America Beautiful foundation is one of the best ways to get their hands dirty, and to get them involved in helping to clean up their own local area.

- Get educated. Although the job of a parent or caregiver is to educate, you can bet that the majority of your children’s education will come about outside the home. One of the best ways to ensure that education is green and soundly grounded in Earth-friendly values is to get them involved with outdoor programs. Try avenues such as 4H camp to learn about practical and life experience, recreational camp to get them in touch with the benefits and joys of their world, or the Boy or Girl Scouts to teach them how to survive in, correctly benefit from, or replenish this Earth. Along with saving our environment, get them involved in saving their neighborhoods and communities. One of the most productive and immediately satisfying ways to learn about community, togetherness, and the strength found in unified hands is through Habitat for Humanity. Kids can work together with friends, neighbors, or family members to build a home for a needy family. Not only will working with Habitat for Humanity teach children about the need to reach out and lend a helping hand, but it will also provide an opportunity to watch local workers, volunteers, and families working together to create a difference and to put their efforts into their local community. Allowing them to focus on how to actively and greenly live and work together to create change in this world will instill the desire in them to tend and correctly maintain the Earth for the duration of their lives.

- Ask them for help. One of the greatest ways to get children involved is to ask them what they would do. So, although you are making green choices for the family, allow them to suggest and implement a green change, too. When children take the time to research, suggest, and take control of a decision, follow their ideas and lead. This could be as simple as deciding that each member of the family must remember to turn off the light when leaving a room. Each violator may be required to put change in a family money jar that must be used , in a green or environmentally friendly way. Whatever the children come up with, encourage it and follow through with it in order to show that the ideas and input are valuable both to you and to the future of our world.

Whether it be through putting them in the middle of family discussions or allowing them to branch out through community service or outdoor survival skills, allowing your children to take charge of their own green lives will ensure that they put their best green feet forward and become active citizens who will not only lend a hand, but will also push to do the work themselves. The children truly are the future, and they need to know and be aware of what faces them in the world. More importantly, they need to know how their hands can actively and productively create change that will benefit not only their generation, but also the generations of their children and grandchildren as well.

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