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Cycling – A Fantastic Way to Go Green

Written on June 8, 2011 – 4:33 pm | by Rick

Let’s think about our very first bicycle ride. Clear your head, close your eyes, and remember that feeling of accomplishment. Feel the wind in your hair. Hear the sound of the tires as they move over the pavement. – Feel the ache in your thighs and the sensation of flying as you take your hands from the handlebars, spread your arms out into the wind and throw your head back while the wind blows past your smiling face.

For most of us, riding a bicycle was one of the most exhilarating and fundamental building blocks of our childhood. And for most of us, those wheels have long been put away. We have replaced those two wheels for the more expensive four-wheeled, six-wheeled, and eighteen-wheeled vehicles. But according to the Union of ConĀ¬cerned Scientists website, those extra wheels are responsible for the majority of the air pollution in the United States, causing more than half of the carbon monoxide, a quarter of the hydrocarbons, and a third of the nitrogen oxides in our atmosphere. With all those wheels moving and creating more smog and smoky air, why not try reducing the number of wheels out there?

Take a simple and green tip from your own childhood and break out your old bike from its hiding place in your garage. If you don’t have a bike, borrow one. Everybody knows someone who bought a bike in hope of using it. If they are using it, then search your local yard sales. You don’t have to go buy a brand new bike. At least not until you are sure that you will use one again.

Start out simple. Ride your bike to a neighbor’s house or to the local market for a few groceries. Most places readily provide bike racks for your convenience. Ride your bike with your family. Ride around your neighborhood until you can find that child inside you that still longs for the wind on your smiling face. Once you wake that part of yourself up again, you are ready to make a simple change in your life.

Use your bike for errands. Ride it to work if you can. The more you ride, the less you drive and the less you contribute to the pollution problem. The more you ride, the less gas you use. The more you ride, the healthier you become.

Take a simple and green tip from your former self. Step back into your own past and back onto your bike. That wonderful feeling of flying never goes away.


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