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Save More with Energy Efficient Windows

Written on May 19, 2011 – 5:17 pm | by Rick

With the current surmounting cost of utility bills and fuel, who doesn’t ever look for ways on how to save more energy and eventually save more money?  Take for instance this case:  if your home is supposedly under-insulated, you are allowing more energy to be consumed and wasted at the same time and making yourself pay more for electricity bills.  You’re being careless in short.  Take a good look at your windows.  Has it ever crossed your mind that heat or cold can pass through them even when they’re tightly closed?  If you are going to put replacement windows, you will definitely save a lot of money and save yourself from unnecessary worries
Home contractors will be the first ones to enlighten you that energy-efficient windows like a dual pane replacement window will cost you a big sum of money, but in the long run the money you invested on installing them will be returned up to 100% of the costs.  Such kind of windows will certainly aid you in cutting down on your energy consumption.

The heat insulation property of glass is so poor that glass windows cannot shield off the house from much heat.  Same thing also goes for single and double pane windows that are already some years old.  Under such condition, their efficiency for thermal protection will most probably be reduced and need to be replaced as soon as possible.  For all you know, the seals of those old windows might become leaky already.  In replacing old windows, go for the ones that complies the standards set by Energy Star.
Realizing the dire needs of the consumers, the people in general to have means of how to conserve energy and at the same time save money and the environment, the U.S. Department of Energy and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency hand in hand presented a program called Energy Star where energy efficient products and practices are introduced and advocated.

There are a number of advantages if homeowners would install windows that are Energy Star compliant and some of them are:

•    Reduce the risk of the house being infiltrated by noise pollution

•    Lower your consumption of electricity since it lessen the load of the air conditioning system (which will of course result to lower electric bill)

•    More protection from pollutants and pollens due to greater efficacy of the sealants

•    No more worries, no more inconveniences.
Homeowners have many options to choose from when they order for those replacement windows.  They can opt for one or all of the following depending on their specific taste or need:

•    Colored glass (for that added aesthetic effect)

•    Tinted glass (for a more insulated house and for those who value much their privacy)

•    Shatterproof and tempered glass (for security purposes)

•    UV-protected glass (to ward off harmful rays and thus prevent skin discolorations and skin cancer and fading of carpets, paintings, wood parquet floors and pieces of furniture.
Having the right windows, that is, energy-conserving windows will truly be beneficial for your family and for the planet you live in.


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