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Eco-friendly Household Movement: Get Involved and Begin Right There in Your Kitchen

Written on March 19, 2011 – 1:02 pm | by Rick

Involving yourself to an eco-friendly household movement is one commendable decision in your part and something that you should really be proud of and something that you should encourage others (very particularly your very own family members) to do as well. It’s high time that you, your family and your friends do your respective parts in alleviating the worsening condition of the environment. Right there in your kitchen, you can do many ways to show your genuine concern for the environment. Here are some simple environment-friendly steps you can undertake within the confines of your home:

• Have an indoor herb garden.

This is one sure way of going organic. You don’t anymore have to go out in groceries or run to the local market to grab some spices and herbs that you need for your meal preparation. It will save you time and money and you can guarantee your family of freshly-picked herbs that would definitely enhance your everyday cooking. Just buy some clay pots and the spices that you want to include in your garden like for example, garlic, pepper, basil, cilantro and oregano. Place them near the window area where it can receive plenty of sunlight. They could also serve as added “attractions” to your kitchen.

• Get yourself a nice insulated drinking container and a mug that you can bring with you at the office, in the car or anywhere that you may go.

More often, we use disposable cups (usually the Styrofoam-kind) at work when we get some water or coffee. Studies show that more than two million cups go to the trash bin as result of their continued usage? So, it would be sensible to just bring your own cup or mug at the office and just wash them after each use (you won’t even use a lot of water to do so). Instead also of buying coffee somewhere, why not make one before you go out of the house and put it on an insulated beverage container that can retain the hotness or coldness of your choice drink. It will even prompt you to save extra money.

• Buy yourself also food containers instead of placing your food on plastic bags.

Select from the variety of food containers now out in the market. It’s nice to see foods kept in a decent container than in plastics especially if it has sauce, right? Now, if you cannot avoid using plastic bags (like when you just need to bring a sandwich), then buy those re-sealable plastics then reuse them. Just wipe them clean and keep them for another use.

• Minimize the use of paper towels.

Using a wash cloth to wipe off your hands and another one to clean up the kitchen surfaces is more ideal and more eco-friendly. You can always wash and rewash them clean at the sink whereas paper towels are just for one-time use only. Yes, paper towels are still useful but you don’t always have to rely on them in removing spills, wiping off grimes, cleaning the appliances and so on. A damp wash cloth can do the job.


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