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Written on March 6, 2011 – 10:45 am | by Rick

Lately, you have been reading the news about the world’s increasingly unstable climate. You read about the effects of greenhouse gases and wonder about how it will affect your life. All these problems seem too big to handle on your own, and you feel like you cannot do anything about it. This is not true, there are many ways we can help the environment. It is time to go green!

First of all, look at your lifestyle. Take a look around your belongings, your home, how many cars do you own. Sometimes we are unaware of the little things we can change about the way we live that can contribute to saving the environment. Conservation of energy is one of the things you can do. Make it a habit to switch the light when you leave the room. Switch off electrical appliances when you are done using them. Turn off the tap when you are not using water; for example when you are brushing your teeth. This can save literally hundreds of liters a year. Educate the people around you about energy conservation.

If it is convenient for you, choose an alternative mode of transportation. This reduces fuel consumption and will inevitably lower the amount of greenhouse gases emitted. Not only will you save money, reducing carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide will help the earth reduce global warming. There are a number of ways to commute. You can choose take public transport, carpool and if the weather permits even ride a bicycle!

Recycling is a good way to help the environment. It reduces waste, and you may even make a pretty penny when you recycle. Look out for the “recycle” sign when throwing away rubbish Separate into bins for paper, plastic and glass, many supermarkets and community centers offer recycling bins and facilities. The lower production of waste translates in a form of energy conservation, as less energy is used for waste disposal. As waste disposal often involve incineration of waste, this also decreases greenhouse gas emission. More waste also equates to more landfills, taking up space, possibly endangering and destroying entire habitats and ecosystems.

Another way to help the environment is to reduce waste per household. Every year, tonnes of waste are produced per household. Lowering the amount of waste you create can total to a significant amount by year’s end. In today’s fact paced world, we seldom think of what we really need compared to what we want. The difference is often very vast. Buying what you need will result in less waste being produced. This has both environmental and economical benefits.

All these things may seem like little steps, but if everyone takes the extra effort to assimilate them into their lives until they become second nature, the effect will be significant enough for all to benefit from.


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