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Wind Energy – Advantages

Written on July 12, 2008 – 4:43 pm | by Rick

Windmill for wind powerThere are two types of energy in this world we live in today. These two types are renewable and non-renewable energy. Non-renewable are those which you cannot replace again after used, such as oil and coal. Renewable energy are those which can b replaced and used over and over again, including wind energy.

Well there, you already have one benefit of wind energy. This type of energy is renewable meaning you do not have to continually extract it like oil. Being renewable also means it’s environmentally friendly where unlike fossil fuels it does not cause pollution to the natural environment. Wind blows through the turbine which in turn rotates the generator which produces electricity. No burning is required in the whole process.

The other thing about wind energy is that the potential wind power available in the atmosphere is much greater than the current world energy consumption. It is currently one of the most ample energy resources available in the world today. Recent studies have found that the amount of potential wind energy in the atmosphere is five times the total world energy consumption. This means when developed further wind energy can become the most efficient energy resource of all time.

In practice to power a house or school, only one wind turbine is needed. When constructed in the right place the right way, a wind turbine can power an entire school. This saves a ton in electricity bills in the long run. The cost of producing wind energy is also getting cheaper and cheaper, and may soon be the cheapest source of energy in the future.

Another major advantage of wind energy is that it does not pollute the environment. This is because it does not emit harmful by-products which cause acid rains and produces greenhouse gases as combustion of fossil fuels do. This also means that there would be a lot of support coming from the local government to produce wind energy which in turn means more schemes and easier processes to get land grants for development of wind turbines.

Wind energy is also a great source of energy for those who live in remote areas. This is because there are still some difficulties in supplying electricity to these remote areas. Lack of electricity supply reach and numerous electricity cuts are a major problem simply because of the difficulty in constructing power lines and maintaining them. However with wind energy all you need are wind turbines to generate enough electricity to power your house, no power lines or electricity bills are included.

There is nothing complex about wind energy, which is another plus. Mechanically converting wind energy into electrical energy is a reasonably simple process. This includes designing and building wind turbines because there are still a lot of traditional methods applied in the blueprint.

Wind energy is said to be the ‘energy of the future’ because of its potential and implementation. A lot of countries have now started developing the concept of wind energy for everyone as oil prices continue to rise in the world market and there is a growing need to replace oil as the main supplier of world energy.


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