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Responsibility to Mother Earth

Written on June 25, 2008 – 9:41 pm | by Rick

Ever since the former United States Vice President Al Gore presented to the world what is now deemed to be an inconvenient truth, efforts to find solutions on how to save the environment have been more consequential.

Even the Hollywood stars make their own way to be able to help in the fight for our Mother Earth, they do this by making television ad commercials informing and making people realize that we should all work in our own little way to help in rescuing the planet that we live in.

As it comes out helping the planet is not so hard. After all it all starts by unplugging appliances that we don’t use or turning-off the lights in a room where in nobody is using it. After some time, this will become a habit and this will be a small act that will surely help.

We can also start with our garbage, by recycling bottles and other stuff that we use. We can also patronize and buy some recycled products like tissue paper or other paper products. This does not only save the trees but also eradicate the chlorine pollution.

Do you use batteries for your other things that once after the batteries are exhausted; you will just throw them away? Has it ever come to your mind that over a billion batteries are bought around the world every means millions more are discarded. Most are tossed into landfills, where toxic components from some batteries may leach and vaporize. Polluting the water, air and land, the simplest solution, researchers say, is to use rechargeable batteries. The newest generation is far better and more reliable that older versions it’s ready to use, right out of the package. Best of all once batteries energy is depleted they’re recyclable. Equally important: it keeps its charge, losing only 15% of stored power per year when not in use.

For your house cleaning why don’t you try using natural products that do not have adverse effects in the environment and for your hair products especially if you are using a hairspray choose the one that doesn’t have chemicals that will be bad to the ecosystem.

You have a car? Let it rest for a while, if you can take the bus or train to your work, might as well do it. If you’re just going somewhere where you can just walk to get there its much better, walking is good for you. In that way you can help to lessen the carbon footprints in the atmosphere.

Let’s all be responsible and help save this planet besides it’s the only one that we’ve got.


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