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Natural Energy

Written on June 21, 2008 – 11:04 pm | by Rick

Solar PanelsLet there be light! Oh! Electricity, the greatest innovation of the human kind, this has come very handy to everyone of us most especially to the people who can never work without it, even the most common people like the street vendors, small stores, and small houses needs to use it.

Electricity has been such a great help for all, and to us people that is living in the city and the nearby suburbs are very lucky to have such an easy access to it, but what about the people in the far away suburb places? Or the people who are living in the mountain do they have the same chance that we have? If not. What are their ways of getting some of this electricity?

People has been keeping innovation and stuff when it comes to generating an energy power and since what we all have for free is the nature and its other benefits might as well make use of it for us to be able to make and use energy from it such of these are

The Hydropower or Hydraulic power; people that are living near river bank and falls has used these innovation for many years, this is the energy that we get from the force of water in river and falls, and also we can get this from waves.

This energy can be used to power different machines, doesn’t form any carbon dioxide to arm the planet.

Another is the most common and wide spread use of solar energy this is the power from the sun in the forms of radiated heat and light. Not even the people who live in the suburbs use this innovation; this is also being used by people living in the city, because according to researches this is one way to help save energy.

Next to solar energy which man can also get energy naturally is the wind.

The transformation of wind into a useful form is called the wind power; this has been very useful for Holland where in they have the wind mills that have been created since the medieval period.

Thru decades of studying researchers and inventors created a much latest wind mill which is now called a wind turbine which has been very helpful for providing electricity for people most especially in the isolated places.

In the following years man will still keep in making innovations specially in using the natural forms of energy though what we have now is great, they will keeps reaching other people and help make life easier for them.

For us consumers: Go for the natural, help save in conservation of energy to help save our planet.


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