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Go Green in the Garage

Written on June 21, 2008 – 1:30 pm | by Rick

If you’re thinking of buying a car that’s a so-called hybrid, then here are some things you must know before shaking hands with the car dealer. A hybrid is essentially a car that works by storing energy that is created whenever you push on the brakes. And that energy stored inside the batteries is used to power the car for as long as there is energy, and then the good old gasoline will power the car for the remaining time. Yes, a hybrid car is great and all that (it runs quietly and looks good on the outside too) but if you are not exactly planning on spending a bit more, then you’ll be turned off by a hybrid. A non-hybrid SUV is way cheaper than a hybrid version, so if you are looking for something cheaper, then a hybrid may not be your first choice.

A new green car is nice indeed – both on the planet and on the eyes – but if you already have a car that’s running smoothly and just wanted to upgrade it for something more eco-friendly, then you might want to reconsider buying a new car. It is said that Mother Nature would benefit more if you didn’t trade your old car for a new hybrid. But if you still want to do something – anything – that might help decrease the CO2 emissions, then there are still a few things that you can do. For example, if you own a car that’s running on diesel, then you can just use bio diesel. Basically, it is a blend of fossil fuel and vegetable oil. All diesel engines can use this combination fuel. But like any other thing in this planet, there are pros and cons when you use this, especially if you are constantly switching plain dinosaur fuel with bio diesel.

First of all, if you decide on using this kind of fuel to power your car, then you are helping lower emissions that are harmful to the planet. Also, a lot of companies are currently manufacturing more cars that can run on dinosaur/vegetable fuel. If that sounds good, then be ready for the cons. As expected, doing the right thing is going to cost you. Also, this combination fuel isn’t exactly well developed yet. But you can still help Mother Nature by doing even the littlest things.

Yes, It’s certainly hard – and expensive – to decide and do the right thing. But you must remember that if you decide on helping lower your emissions starting today, then you can have some assurance that your children and their children will be able to see the beauty of this planet.


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