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Brighten Up Your House with Green Light

Written on June 21, 2008 – 10:47 pm | by Rick

CFL BulbLighting is a very important aspect in every home. Different kinds of lighting can even provide a soothing and even a romantic atmosphere. So it’s not surprising that lighting is always taken into consideration when building a house or other kinds of structures. But did you know that because of our love and appreciation for good quality lighting, a lot of energy is wasted daily. And the reason for that is simply because we choose the wrong kinds of bulbs or fixtures. So in order to help reverse the effects of global warming and do our job of keeping this world a beautiful place to live in, here are some basic knowledge, tips and ideas to help you conserve energy.

• CFL or compact fluorescent light is probably the best green lighting available today. Choose this kind of bulb especially if you live in a warm area. The reason for that is because this kind of bulb emits less heat than a traditional bulb, so it will be easier for your air-condition to cool down a room. The price of this bulb isn’t that bad and it is even said that after you use it for about five hundred hours, the money will just come to your pocket. Meaning, even if you spent a bit more on a CFL bulb than a traditional one, you’ll still save money in the long run. Another plus is that this kind of bulb isn’t hard to find anymore. In the United States, some cities there even give it for free to the residents. But like fluorescent lamps, this bulb contains mercury so this is definitely not going straight into the trash bin. So ask around on how you should dispose this properly.

• Develop good green lighting related habits. What is meant by that is you should know when to turn off the lights? For example, if an incandescent bulb brightens up your room, then even if you’re going to leave the room for just a few seconds, switch it off. If you have a compact fluorescent, then turn it off if you know that you’ll leave the room for more than 3 minutes. If it is less than three minutes, then it’s okay. And if you have a standard fluorescent lamp, then you can switch it off if you think that you’ll be out of that room for more than 15 minutes. Not that easy to remember but not that hard either.

• Did you know that if the whole United States changed just one light bulb in their homes with a bulb that’s labeled with Energy Star, then energy – enough energy that can light up more than 2.5 million homes – could be saved? Now that’s a lot of energy. Imagine if everyone in this world chose green lighting to light up his or her homes or offices.
But the best way to save energy by far is to choose natural lighting, which comes from the sun. Not only will you save money, but you’ll also help people be happier, do better at work and even do better in business.


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