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10 Tips To Going Green

Green is the new black. That is the latest buzz that we hear today. Everyone knows how endangered our earth has become. With the issue of climate change, we couldn’t help but feel afraid that one day we might just lose our planet earth to the natural disasters. Thus, “going green” is the new hot term that we see often. But just how do we go green?

Tip #1: Save On Energy

• Start doing little things like unplugging all your appliances that are not in used. For example, computer, bread toaster, air-conditioner and etc.  Take the effort of washing your clothes in cold water as much energy is needed to heat the water in the washing machine.

• Change your light bulbs to energy saving bulbs and remember to switch the lights off when you’re not using or in the room.

Tip #2: Save On Water

• Instead of taking half an hour bath, take maybe about 15-20 minutes. You don’t need such a long time to clean yourself.

• Install a faucet aerator as this helps to conserve heat and water and best thing of all, keep the water pressure high. When you’re at it, install a low-flow showerhead too. It will not cost you much and yet you can save on your electricity bill.

• If you need plants to decorate your room/house, get the cactus or any plant that requires minimal watering. Not only are these plants beautiful as decorations, they consume lesser water too.

Tip #3: Save On Gas

• Take a walk or ride a bicycle if you need to go somewhere near your house. You don’t need to pollute the air with carbon monoxide and you can even save your petrol for long distance journey.

• If you’re staying very far from your workplace, think of car-pooling with your colleagues that are living nearby or you can shift to somewhere nearer to your workplace.

Tip #4: Save On Food

• The term “go green” literary applies here. Eat more greenery food rather than meat as meat costs a lot more and can be so unhealthy if you consume lots. You can save the environment and also save on your healthcare bills.

• Purchase locally-raised, humane and organic food whenever you can. Best way, you can even grow your own organic fruit or vegetables like tomatoes and broccoli.

Tip #5: Save On Bottles

• Instead of drinking water from mineral bottles, use a cup/glass to drink your water.

• If you need to bring water to your workplace or anywhere you go, get a reusable water bottle, preferably aluminum.

Tip #6: Shop Smartly

• Visit garage sales or Salvation Army stores to get reusable things such as clothes or everyday items. You don’t need such expensive things for your daily use.

• When shopping, select things that have good bargains.

• Do not buy things that are unnecessary just because you have the impulse to do so. Think wisely before buying.

Tip #7: Save On Buying

• Borrow a book from the library instead of buying it. If the library doesn’t have, you can also rent books from the book rental stores.

• Share your work tools with your neighbors or your immediate families that are living nearby. Everyone doesn’t need to own one. Sharing is caring. =)
Tip #8: Smart Purchasing

• Do consider buying in bulk because they are cheaper and you can use them in long run.
• Some good things are expensive but worth to buy because they are of high-quality and can last longer.

• Buy clothes that don’t require dry-cleaning because this saves your money and will ultimately cut down on the toxic chemical usage.

Tip #9: Save On Electronics

• Take good care of your electronics such as mobile phones, computers and etc., so that you can use them for a very long time.

• You can also donate or recycle your used electronics.

Tip #10: Do It Yourself (DIY)

• Instead of buying toxic cleaning products, you can make them yourselves. Search for them under homemade cleaning products. All you need are ingredients such as lemon, vinegar, baking soda and etc. They may be cheap but they are as effective as the toxic ones.

If everyone does their part in saving the earth, in no time our earth will be as beautiful and save to live in as it was before. Take the action now and go green!